Knytt Underground Review

knytt undergroundKnytt Underground really is one of those games I felt kinda awkward playing. There are a few Knytt games that were released before this one but I just felt completely bewildered with pretty much everything that happened in the game. It is very text heavy and thus had me struggling to understand what it was I needed to do exactly. Running around and checking every nook and corner of the map finally proved to clear up a few things and I managed to finish the game despite of my suspicions. The game looks really good and the controls are excellent. There are a lot of fun puzzles, challenges, and obstacles that really test the player’s skills with the controls.

At times I felt like this game would be excellent for younger games and by younger I mean elementary school kids. It has a strong, independent female lead with two strong female side-kicks and so it would actually offer some excellent rolemodels for young girls. The lore and world of the game is fascinating with a lot of really inventive elements, like the Utopica, Disorder, quirky critters, and awesome descriptions of an array of items from a time long passed. There’s no excessive violence (nothing you wouldn’t encounter in a Super Mario Bros. game) but the thing that really rules it out as a strong contender for kids is the dialogue. I really have no problem with vulgar language and cursing, but I would feel really awkward imposing it upon children. I also don’t really feel the cursing in this case adds anything to the game but can certainly appreciate the development team’s desire to create something different. Overall it’s a fun and an interesting game that despite the confusing narrative can still offer a very rewarding gaming experience.7


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