vvvvvvVVVVVV is an amazing journey through space and a mystical dimension trying to desperately save your friends and get back home safely. The gameplay is excellent and the retro graphics really make an impact even in their simplicity. This is by no means a long game. In fact I finished it in less than two hours in my first serious try. The thing is, you shouldn’t really expect anything else from the game. It’s a super fun bite-sized goodie with a lot to offer if you just give it a chance. The game is pretty simple and straight forward. There aren’t many mechanics but mastering the few there are is a challenge in itself. The soundtrack by Magnus (SoulEye) Pålsson is magnificent. It keeps you pumped up for the action and keeps the flow of the game up even if you happen to die 50 times in a single room. Overall, if you like retro platformers, this is a must buy. It’s not quite a masterpiece contender since the length barely gets you started with the game and the gameplay is super simplistic. Still, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of VVVVVV.



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