Bastion Review

bastionBastion in an audio-visual masterpiece with an amazing soundtrack, cool narration, and a distinct, intriguing graphical style. The controls are ok and there’s a lot of levels and challenges to complete. The thing that really drags the game down, though, is the fact that it’s repetitive beyond belief. There are a ton of weapons that you unlock on your way but you will never use them because you can only switch the weapons between levels. The thing is that you don’t know what you’ll need in each level so you just stick to what you know works most of the time and go with that. If the player could change all the weapons on the fly the game would be remarkably more fun. Also the gameplay can be summarised to what you do in the first level. Dodge and smash the attack button. Sometimes you can kill the enemies faster, sometimes you just have to wait in the cover and slowly chisel away the enemy health bar. There’s no real feel or power to the attacks so smashing things isn’t even that fun. There’s a ton of potential here but so far I just don’t feel like putting any extra time on playing the challenges or maybe trying to finish the game with different weapons. It’s just so tedious.



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