Capsized Review

capsizedCapsized brings the chilling experience of space exploration to your computer. The feel in this side-scrolling goodness is almost just right. It feels kinda heavy and gritty but at times a bit too floaty and disconnected. Real grip to the surroundings would’ve made a huge different in this game. What I mean by that is the character from time to time gets stuck in the ground a bit and other times he just slides up the walls. Some sort of realistic connection to the ground would’ve really nail the atmosphere and feel in. There is a good selection of weapons that play differently and have sort of different uses throughout the game. There’s a good selection of levels with a variety of enemies and easy physics puzzles and missions. The grappling hook type of tool in combination with jetpack and other power-ups makes the game varied in action and is always offering some alternate ways to proceed. Really fun game with potential to be even more. I got some serious Unreal vibes from this one.



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