Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest Flashback

castlevania ii simon's questSimon’s Quest brings me back to my childhood when I didn’t have a library of 500 games but rather just a handful of NES titles to recycle on that awesome gray box. I never actually owned Castlevania II myself but rather always went to my neighbour’s house and played it with my friend. It was a WEIRD game. I knew about the first Castlevania but for some reason always gravitated towards the second installment and its (dare I say it?) Metroidvania style of play. It had problems but as a kid I was just happy playing something I hadn’t seen before. The atmosphere in this game was right on the money and that’s one of most important things to me in any game. I don’t exactly remember how we finally managed to beat the game but we most certainly did because if you’ve seen Dracula in this game and the ending with the tomb stone you’ll never forget it. As I’m only offering a flashback for this game there will not be a score but it’s safe to say I only have fond memories for this grandfather of a franchise.


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