Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Review

castlevania order of ecclesiaOrder of Ecclesia is the last Castlevania game for the regular NDS and they really went out with a bang! The writing is weirdly good (with some of the usual hammy Japanese stuff mixed in), the levels reminded me of the awesome outdoors landscapes of Simon’s Quest, the soundtrack is more awesome than in years, the main character, Shanoa, is super likeable and cool, and you actually fight Dracula this time. Even the indoors levels are a ton more immersive than in any other Castlevania game I’ve played so far. They just feel like you’re actually in there and I’m not sure how they managed to do that. It’s hard to put my excitement in words with this game but I really think they outdid themselves. There is a similar skill system to Dawn of Sorrow in play here except not quite and, again, there is a village full of people helping you out and in return asking for your help. The difficulty is the one thing that doesn’t quite stay on rails. Especially on of the early bosses really ramps the difficulty up and sometimes with these bosses there’s only one way to beat them. If you don’t mind some serious trial and error action, then there’s no reason why any Castlevania fan, action fan, or fantasy fan shouldn’t already have tried this piece of art out.



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