Fallout Review

falloutFallout is a role-playing game from 1997 and it feels like that, too. The atmosphere is solid, the world feels alive (in the constraints of the narrative), and you actually get to feel like sort of a badass making your way in the wasteland. But that’s about it for the good parts. The gameplay is tedious, you’re constantly lost, you don’t know what you should be doing, and the only way to make some progress is to constantly talk to everybody. Oh, and if you forgot to put some good amount of points to your character’s intelligence, the dialogue could become really dry, too. There’s a certain sense of charm to this game but it’s so limited in the ways you can play it that it’s almost reduced to the lowest form of gaming: point-and-click adventures (only half-kidding). Yeah, there are couple of situations than you can handle in different ways and that’s really what builds up the score to even what it is. There’s really no flow at all to the experience that is Fallout and I don’t think I’ll be playing this game ever again. It’s ok and I can see how it might’ve been a big deal back in the day, but it just doesn’t hold up.



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