Commander Keen Flashback

commander keen invasion of the vorticons episode oneCommander Keen was quite possibly the first video game I ever played. I don’t remember a lot of things about it and it was probably only the first episode of Invasion of the Vorticons that me and my dad finished, but I do remember playing this game. I think I was something like seven years old and most of the game was quite fun. It had some interesting levels and visuals and a really elaborate map screen for its time. The gameplay was a bit clunky compared to the masterpiece I tried soon after this one: Super Mario Bros. The thing that Super Mario never had, though, was the scary as hell enemies that chased you around the screen. At one point I refused to play the game because there was this really evil-looking bear or something that would catch me if I went onwards. Well, it was the first video game I ever tried and it holds a special place in my heart.


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