Crysis Review

crysisCrysis. From the company that had intrigued me for the longest time with their super realistic physics and graphics engine. I didn’t expect much from this game since the trailers made it look pretty much just like a tech demo. Surprisingly, though, it turned out to be a blast! Or at least half of it. There’s this supernatural atmosphere breathing down the neck of the player throughout the first act and it finally resolves itself as an alien invasion plot. Sadly, killing those aliens is just boring as hell. I would still classify this game as “good” because the first half of it is just so much fun. I must’ve spent hours just sneaking around the enemy bases and then tactically taking out the enemy soldiers from the shadows and that’s what made me wanna go on further and further. The graphics and physics are amazing and some of the driving and flying sections are a fun change of pace. It’s just that if we got a game that was like the first act of this game all the way through, it would easily deserve a couple of ranks higher score in my opinion.



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