Diablo II Review

diablo iiAhh, Diablo II, the long-awaited sequel to the first Diablo. I really wanted to like this game even more than the first one. And don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game. It’s just not really Diablo. We do get some cool visuals like zombie Griswold that made as go “No way!” as kids. The one thing I really missed with this game was the spell tomes that I thought were so cool in the first game, but the idea of the play has also shifted from the narrative to gear hoarding. Not by much, mind you, but it definitely has. Blizzard took Diablo, dissected it, and decided that the thing that made it popular was getting as much gear as possible stuffed into the game. And it doesn’t hurt. But it doesn’t carry a whole game either. The trademark Blizzard writing has taken over and our ears are now treated with cliché lines from fantasy movies. Whatever the case, the game definitely deserves its grade because it is super fun. But looking back, it was just such a disappointment after Diablo that I just can’t treat it equally. The thing that really pisses me off, though, is that nowdays Blizzard just barely even acknowledges the first game’s existence. What a shame.



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