Diablo III Review

diablo iiiAnd then there was the third. Diablo III. This game has received a lot of crap and if you were a huge fan of the second game I can sorta see where that all is coming from. Me? I liked them roughly the same amount. The narrative is still like written by a 15-year-old and they really upped the ante with the gear. Always online? I don’t care. Auctionhouse? I don’t care. The game? Let’s see. It was fun, just like the second one. I played it through once and that was more than enough. You beat up different monsters, they drop loot, and then you seek every nook and cranny for more. The vistas change a lot with the enemies and that’s what really can keep you playing this one. Also it’s kinda fun to see what kinda skills you can unlock as the game goes on. To me it felt like Diablo 2 updated to the modern age with beautiful graphics, fluid gameplay, and bigger bosses. I think it quite deserves its grade.



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