Doom II Flashback

doom iiDoom II was the first Doom game I got to play and I enjoyed it immediately. In fact it was the first game I got on our first 486 IBM PC. The 7 megabytes of RAM made it work like a charm. I was so young I only have weird singular memories of this game. I remember the chainsaw, the double barrel shotgun, those huge red demon orbs, and that the game was hard as hell. At least for me at that time. The main problem was always that I didn’t really know where to go and then some trap got me. I was always missing a key or something. As a kid I also used cheat codes like crazy and I can still remember three of them. Does that speak up to the game’s influence? I don’t know. Still, it was fast, dirty, hectic, and fun. They don’t make games like this anymore.


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