Duck Tales Flashback

duck talesDuck Tales for NES. This game was so well made it’s easily one of the best titles on the NES catalogue and one of the most faithful games to their source material at the time. Fans of Duck Tales loved this game and it’s not a surprise. You’ve got all the characters there, the gameplay is solid, the levels are fun, and the music is excellent. The only things people complain are that the game was too easy and too short, but it is what it is. I certainly didn’t feel like if I got cheated. I wish more games back then were this well made.

Now, I do know there’s a revamped version of this game you can buy on Steam and whatever, but the footage I’ve seen of it, they only added stuff the game didn’t need in the first place. Original fans of the game won’t like it and it looks like it was made with elementary school kids in mind. I can definitely appreciate that but it just makes me wonder do kids these days even know what Duck Tales is?


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