Fallout 3 Review

fallout 3I sort of always strayed away from Fallout 3 because I never found the post-nuclear wasteland an interesting setting for anything, really. I had tried out Fallout 2 shortly previously and did not find it engaging or fun. Then when I finally started playing Fallout 3 I couldn’t stop. The game is more straight forward than the previous installments but still rewards exploration. There were some cool emotional moments while roaming the wastes during night, listening the radio on your Pip-Boy and the game grew on me super fast. It has problems. Oh man does it have problems! But none those problems really takes away of the enjoyment of the game. Mainly the GUI is pretty awkward, the A.I. characters sometimes act in a really weird manner, and the end spectacle is really underwhelming with only a couple of guys running around you. It’s sad that they knew the limitations of their engine and still tried to make an epic ending. No matter. It was a really good game and I had hours of fun with it sniping off raiders from hilltops.



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