StarCraft Review

starcraftStarCraft is one of those games that just never gets old. Maybe that is the reason it took 12 years to make the sequel. Playing this game today just felt as good as ever. There are some minor issues like the pathfinding, control groups, etc. but I can’t really complain about those given it was released two years after WarCraft II that is ten times more difficult to control. Also, if I hadn’t played the sequel, I don’t think I would’ve even missed those unlimited control groups etc. The graphics are old but still at times really good. The sounds are great and the videos still look entertaining. They did what they could with the technology at the time. To this day Blizzard Entertainment still insist of doing those escort missions and I just can’t understand why. Is it to bring some variety to the game? So the regular missions feel more awesome? I don’t know. The regular missions do feel awesome, though. There are so many fun units and styles to play this game that I just can’t imagine dropping the score any lower than this. Superb job, Blizzard!



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