Grand Theft Auto IV Review

grand theft auto ivI started Grand Theft Auto IV way too late and the by the time I finished it GTA V was already out. Here are my thoughts anyway. It is a difficult game to rate. You kinda have this love-hate relationship with it. On the other hand it is an amazing gangster game with a beautiful city full of action, sweet radio channels to pump you up while you drive around, excellent voice acting to elevate the atmosphere to the next level, and a variety of weapons and vehicles to utilize on your missions. And then again it is a buggy piece of work that has you screaming to you monitor when it just decides that you need to play this half hour mission ten more times to figure out the exact way it wants you to perform in it. I had so much fun with this game that it is a real shame that I hate it so much. I can’t with a clear conscience drop the score lower than this but I think it speaks for the frustrating parts that I even considered it. With a few adjustments this game could’ve been excellent. Oh well, I’ve heard good things about GTA V.



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