Half-Life Review

half lifeIs there a gamer on the planet that doesn’t know Half-Life yet? Would we have Steam today if Valve had not made Half-Life? Good questions but I’m really supposed to write a review about this game. The atmosphere is dense, story compelling, action super fun and challenging, controls responsive, and game world buzzing with weird lifeforms. Half-Life sort of faces the same conundrum as Crysis as in the sections where you fight the human soldiers feel a lot more fun than blasting the aliens. In this game, though, the difference isn’t that huge. The aliens are menacing but you feel like a badass when you get them to submit under your shotgun fire. The only thing that really made me wanna drop the score is the fact that the difficulty level on the game is super cheap. And by cheap I mean you’re gonna die a lot. You can save whenever you want but that doesn’t help too much when you gotta perform a stunt obstacle course where a single wrong move makes the difference between a live Gordon Freeman and a dead Gordon Freeman. You need to be a bit of a masochist to play this game, but if that’s not a problem, you’re gonna love every second of it.



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