Just Cause 2 Review

just cause 2One of the rare cases that I bought a game after trying out its demo I got Just Cause 2 a year after its release on a 75% off sale and it just blew my mind. Even today it’s constantly on ridiculous sales and if you haven’t tried it out yet I urge you to do so. The story missions in this game don’t take that long. It’s the EVERYTHING ELSE. The controls are excellent and being equipped with a parachute and a grappling hook you just literally fly from location to location. And speaking of the locations there are a ton of them and they all look gorgeous! People tell me they have fun just roaming around in GTA which I never found that fun. Now roaming around in the 1000 square kilometer map of Just Cause 2… THAT is what I consider to be fun. There’s nothing serious or realistic about the game. It’s like James Bond and A-Team on crack. It is so relaxing to just leave your brain to the office and come home to blow a couple of industrial sites to pieces by first crashing a jumbo jet to them and then finishing the job with a helicopter. If you can’t remember what fun games used to be like this one is for you.



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