Limbo Review

limboLimbo really made me wish I was playing something else. It’s not even that the game’s idea is bad or that the controls or graphics suck. It’s just that I didn’t care about what was happening in the game. From the first few steps in the game I started to view it purely as a mechanical puzzle game because there was no connection to the player character what so ever. And that’s when the game started to get tedious. When you’re invested in a game you want to spend time in it. In the case of Limbo I just wanted to move on and at times the game just doesn’t let you. There are puzzles where you might have the right idea but because you make one wrong move in one part of the execution you fail and might think that it’s not the solution the game wants you to reach. It turns into try everything and then try again 50 more times and when you couldn’t care less it gets old fast. In a better puzzle game like Portal you can fail time after time but at least you know immediately if the thing you’re going to try might work. In Limbo you have to try another ten times just to be sure. The game has a neat graphical style and great controls going for it so in hands of a better designer it might’ve been a great little game.



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