Max Payne 3 Review

max payne 3Weirdly enough, after years a silence Rockstar finally made the sequel nobody really seemed to wait: Max Payne 3. And it was exactly what the series needed. The game feels just like the old Max Paynes if not even a little bit better. Before I started playing I thought I was gonna hate the cutscene heavy approact I knew the game had but turned out I loved it from the first cutscene to the last. They only turned tedious when you had to sit through them twice but other than that they were executed beautifully and they really deepened the experience as a whole to me. Max Payne was just like I wanted him to be. The dialogue was excellent. The gameplay fun and not too punishing. You travel through a variety of awesome locations during the game and each of them has their own little story to be told. The game started to feel a bit repetitive towards the end because you’re pretty much doing the same thing over and over but for the most part it was super fun!



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