Portal Review

portalI never really played Portal when it first came out and didn’t really want to believe it was any good. Then I finally saw someone play it and got intrigued. When I finally finished it myself I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not an amazing game but it’s still really fun. It offers a handful of tests and after that a cool twist ending where you get to apply everything you just learned to some real challenges. It has a cool atmosphere and everything has been designed to work super smoothly. The puzzles take effort but when you figure out the answer you’ll know immediately that it will work. It’s still just a puzzle game. A damn well polished puzzle game but still just a puzzle game. The genre itself seems to limit the game in a big way since it does feel a really limited and small game. The ending got the emotional state somewhat disturbed but other than that it’s just solving brain teasers in the most sterile way imaginable.



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