Ridge Racer Unbounded Review

ridge racer unboundedRidge Racer Unbounded completely surprised me. It is by no means a realistic racing game but therein lies its charm. It is very much an over the top, fast cars, sexy lights, thumping music, and just energy blasted into your face kinda game. And I love it! It switches the action around quite a bit which is nice but some of the things work better than others. The obstacle courses, frag attacks, and drifting challenges start to get tiresome but they really help when you’re driving the races. After a while the challenges get so challenging that restarting the tracks becomes your second nature in this game and you take it as part of it. The important thing is that the game rarely feels unfair. If you lost, it’s because you messed up. Wrecking the town is fun and blasting through your opponents with the turbo on feels really satisfying. I really enjoyed the ridiculous nature of this game and the way it just gets your adrenaline levels up.



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