StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Review

starcraft ii wings of libertyI held back from buying Wings of Liberty for the longest time because even two years after its release you pretty much had to pay full price for it. Then I started watching some Day[9] Dailies and just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to buy it. And boy was it worth every penny. The only thing I could complain about in this case is Blizzard Entertainment’s typical cliché-ridden writing but I’m just diggin’ the game way too much to even really notice it. The action is super fun, the units are super varied, the characters have more character than in the first StarCraft, controls are as smooth as a baby’s back-end, and everything was just tweaked to perfection before release. Also, I really love the Terrans! The single player missions are all different and offer a multitude of fun challenges. You can tweak your units way beyond what you can do in the multiplayer. And speaking of multiplayer, it is challenging beyond all belief. If you want challenge, bring your A game. The people on the ladder will make you fight every step of the way to the top. It is so magnificent I couldn’t give the game anything less than a perfect score.


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