Thief II: The Metal Age Review

thief ii the metal ageThief II really surprised me. At first I didn’t really give these sneaking games even a second thought but once when I was at a LAN party at my friend’s house one of the guys started playing the first Thief game and was super excited. Slowly I started to realize the appeal of this type of games and when I got my hands on Thief II, I was hooked. The atmosphere is super dense with all the non-player characters just trying to mind their own business and talking about the world events while you empty their pockets and houses. You have a sword. Not that it does much good. If the guards catch you it’s a battle you can’t win. Running and hiding are your best weapons in this game and getting past everyone unnoticed the goal. Once you realize the role you’re in the game just draws you in with a world that feels alive and paranoid. No reason not to. You’re out to get them.


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