WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness Review

warcraft ii tides of darknessI bought WarCraft II back in 1996 because I played its demo that I found on one of those CD-ROM discs full of game demos. I couldn’t believe there could be a game like this. I recently played the Battle.net edition through again and the game is just fantastic. I couldn’t believe how well it still held its head up but I just loved playing it again. Where do I start with this one. Both factions in the game are pretty much functionally mirror images of each other except for the spells (the reason everyone played with orcs on Kali) but Blizzard Entertainment managed to make them still feel very different due to the graphics and unit sounds. This game has tons of atmosphere and when I was a kid I was just so invested in every round that I can hardly get that excited about anything anymore. The missions are all well constructed and the game gets you gradually familiarized with all the different units. It’s not a breeze through because many of the missions can be really challenging. I always liked the boats in the game and it was a huge let down that they didn’t return in the sequel. I guess you can’t have everything.


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