The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Review

the elder scrolls iii morrowindThe Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind shows its age. The mechanics and GUI are passable at best, dreadful at worst. The graphics don’t look quite as flashy as they appeared back in the day although they improved quite a bit with some appropriate mods. How about the gameplay and the plot? Well, they won me over eventually, but it did take some doing. I was mostly bored but then caught myself thinking about the game when I wasn’t playing it. I appreciate how the game demands your attention and how you need to remember names and places instead of just following floating markers on your screen. There were some really fun characters and the was some story sections were built was intriguing. For an example there was a task you needed to complete with several factions but the approach you had to take was always different depending on the people you were dealing with. The game has a ton of dialogue and lore and that is definitely its charm and strong point. On the other hand it quickly turned into just walking around in an empty world repeatedly killing the same enemies pestering you. My 50-hour-long playthrough had a lot of fun and captivating moments and the world of Morrowind had some really interesting places to offer. Still, those were just the highlights in a quite tiresome journey and I can’t help but wonder how much it had to do with the game’s age.


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