Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Review

need for speed hot pursuitNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit was an arcade racing experience full of wonderful vistas and fast cars. It’s a fun game that doesn’t really leave you with much to say. The core gameplay is fantastic fun, the graphics are gorgeous, and the soundtrack is pumping rock and electronica goodness. That being said there are some really weird little snags that I could’ve lived without. The game loves its cut scenes. There aren’t a lot of them but they just play on and on and you can’t skip any of it. They even play advertisements for products that don’t exist! In the races the opponents drive slower if you happen to crash something and speed up when you drive well. Some of the challenges are also ridiculously strict while others let you crash time and again and still get the gold medal. I don’t understand those decisions but it doesn’t matter because the game was still one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in quite some while. It’s by no means realistic but then again you don’t need realism to have fun.


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