Rochard Review

rochardRochard as an idea works wonderfully well. Guy with a gravity gun does some action puzzle platforming in different space stations. It’s just very mediocre, bland, predictable, and boring.  Don’t get me wrong — the controls are wonderful, graphics neat, and there are some very fun action-packed scenes that lift the energy level from its typical boringness. It’s just that a lot of the four-hour experience is filled with tedious cut scenes that drag on and don’t tell you anything interesting, puzzles that barely get you thinking, and jumping slowly from platform to platform without much of a challenge offered at any point. The last half an hour or starts to get a tad more challenging and just when you start to get into the game a little bit, it’s over. And of course you can’t even skip the end credits. It’s a mess. You want to like it, because it looks neat, but it just doesn’t offer you anything that fun to do.


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