Mirror’s Edge Review

mirrors edgeOh, Mirror’s Edge. Why do you have to be so painful? This is going to be short and sweet because quite frankly I don’t care enough to write properly about this game. Not that I do that with any game anyways.

Mirror’s Edge is an interesting idea. It’s a game where you don’t have to shoot anyone. But you can. If you want to. The idea is to run and do all sorts of cool parkour action in the way. The problem is that the action is horribly slow and boring, most of the time you have no idea where to go (even when the game has a specific button that shows you where to go), and the controls are god-awful. I like the idea. I like the graphics. The game has style. But that’s all it has. The plot made me fall asleep and… well I guess the level design was pretty inventive so we gotta give it points for that. If only there was a proper game you could play the levels through with.