What Have I Been Playing

This week has been kind of bonkers with the games I’ve been playing. Some good experiences, some very bad. But always something interesting to note when it comes to figuring out how to develope games properly.


This was one game that I actually had to go back to and play an additional four hours of. There was clearly an optimal way to play it through and I couldn’t stop until I had figured it out. I always find it intriguing when you can screw yourself over by doing too much in the game. Definitely the highlight of the week.

Part 1 | Part 2

Anno 2070

Ok, so it’s already bad when your game come pre-loaded with fixed amount of installs you can do, but when the game is already not very good, I have to say I’m really disappointed. The campaign was an absolute joke, the game crashed when I tried to Alt+Tab to the desktop and froze after the first mission was done, the pacing was non-existent, the characters annoying and uninspired, and I had no interest in playing the campaign at all. The free play was more fun, but even there I ran into a dead end very quickly. Beautiful graphichs, though.

Part 1

Crysis 2

What can I say. I played it for 28 minutes (well, ten of those were cutscenes) and then it froze up my PC to a point where I had to do a hard boot. Surprisingly boring 28 minutes. If they intended to hold my interest, they were failing hard.

Part 1

Hitman: Absolution

This is another game that I might go back to at one point. The characters are very over the top and frankly I didn’t really care about the plot, but the sneaky action was fun enough. I just need to crank the difficulty waaay higher. Otherwise it starts to remind me too much of Just Cause 2.

Part 1

Need For Speed: Undercover

I don’t know why but for some reason I thought this was a newer game that it turned out to be. You can’t really blame me when you consider their naming conventions. It was ok. I was driving a racing car and it felt fast and fun. Too bad it bugged out and crashed towards the end of the stream. I think I’ll be sticking to newer driving games in the future.

Part 1


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