Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game Flashback

teenage mutant ninja turtles ii the arcade gameTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II was another cool NES game that me and my cousin played like hell. We loved the Turtles and this game just had everything in it a Turtles fan could hope for. It had all the cool bosses from the cartoon, it had all the turtles as playable characters, it had a variety of different foot soldiers, it had Shredder, it had Krang! I can’t remember Krang being in any other Turtles game, though, I’m sure there are some. This was such a big deal to us. The levels were super awesome with cool minibosses and awesome racing sections, traps, enemies, etc. If you loved the Turtles this game gave you everything you could hope for.


Super Mario Bros. 3 Flashback

super mario bros 3 Super Mario Bros. 3 is probably the best Super Mario game I have ever played. It just had so much everything in it. Huge worlds, ton of levels, ton of secrets, super weird and rare special powers, flying raccoon suit, bonus games, a legion of enemies each one weirder than the next, and a super solid gameplay and soundtrack. They even switched the colors of Mario’s shirt and overalls from the previous games. Back then Nintendo was all about adding new stuff to their games and this one had new stuff coming out of its ears. And it was all awesome! Each time something new popped to the screen I thought to myself: “that’s AWESOME!” It’s a shame they don’t make games with that mentality anymore.

Super Mario Bros. 2 Flashback

super mario bros 2As soon as I saw Super Mario Bros. 2 I wanted it. Bad! It played like none of the Super Mario games I had seen before and it looked magical. I begged for my parents to buy it and we even went to the locals store where they told me: “well, if they have it, we’ll buy it.” Of course they didn’t but when my birthday came around that year I finally got it (those sneaky bastards even packaged it inside of a glassware box). And it didn’t let me down. As everyone knows in Japan Super Mario Bros. 2 was something quite different but it didn’t matter to me at that age. Me and my dad played this game to death and loved every second of it. It’s weird how a game this different from the original could be received that well. It was truly something quite special.

Super Mario Bros. Flashback

super mario brosSuper Mario Brothers was the game that got me interested in game development. It was the game that came with our NES console and I played it like crazy. For the first week or so I couldn’t get anywhere in the game. When my dad finally beat King Koopa in the first castle I thought that was the game! But nope, just the first world. It’s wonderful how different many of the worlds even in the first Super Mario Bros. looked. Those white trees always filled my mind with wonder and the huge mushroom levels were super sick. Talking to few of my younger students has also confirmed that even kids today know the classic Super Mario Brothers. It’s a wonderful world we live in.

Mega Man 4 Flashback

mega man 4I don’t really remember that much about Mega Man 4. I used to rent it often but I guess I didn’t play it as much as the other two. I only remember the Pharaoh Man (the one you can see in the cover) because even then that concept sounded really ridiculous. I also remember that you could charge up your Mega Buster and it ruined all the Mega Man games ever since. It’s one of those mechanics that why would you have it if you’re gonna use it all the time. It also ruined the soundtrack because all music can remember from Mega Man 4 is the bleeping of the charged up Mega Buster. It was a Mega Man game and nothing changes that. It had all the good stuff the other games had.

Mega Man 3 Flashback

mega man 3I remember seeing Mega Man 3 at my neighbour’s house once and immediately I just had to have that game. And that christmas I did. To this day I still think it was one of the best NES games I ever played. It was pretty long, too, compared to the second game and in my opinion has the superior soundtrack with all my favorite robot master tracks like: Spark Man, Snake Man, Magnet Man, Top Man, Shadow Man, and so on. The levels were once again excellent if super hard and the different powers super fun. This is probably the game that had the biggest impact on me when growing up.

Mega Man 2 Flashback

mega man 2Mega Man 2 was the second Mega Man game I ever played. After Mega Man 3 it felt a little bit limited but felt still very much like more of the same awesome game. I’ll always remember the dragon in the Wily Castle levels. It was seriously badass. Of course everyone knows and loves the music. They really knew how to make the tunes back then. The robot master levels were always super tough but once you had practiced them enough you could get them all through. Really a classic game.